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Here you will find terms of use of the website bezoder.com. The terms may be changed any time, without any notice to the users. When you access this website, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to follow the terms described below. If you do not agree to the terms discussed here, you should exit this site now. Material on this site is provided “as is” and does not constitute a warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

Terms and definitions

The text contains terms we, us, Website, bezoder.com. All the terms identify the author and maintainer of the Website Mikhail Trunov. You can contact Mikhail Trunov via email: mikhail.trunov@gmail.com. The Author is a Website user who created content via bezoder.com/traits/new section of the Website. Trait is a peace of information, that Authors can create via the Website in the bezoder.com/traits/new section.


  • Every Trait provided through the Website is for educational and research purposes only.
  • Traits on bezoder.com are created by Authors, who may be anybody. So the information in Traits might be wrong or even misleading.
  • We are not responsible for the publications of Authors. If you find the publication of Authors misleading or defamatory or obscene or offensive or copyrighted or trademarked content you may write a complaint to us.
  • Users are strongly encouraged to discuss their results with genetic counselors.
  • The Traits found on the Website do not typically take into account environmental, lifestyle and many other factors, that can significantly alter the Trait reports.
  • The traits on the Website cover only a small portion of the mechanisms through which the Trait functions. All the complexity of the mechanisms is not taken into account. This can significantly impact the precision of results.

For users

By using the Website you agree with the following items:

  • You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold the Website harmless in case of a claim related to your use of bezoder.com.
  • If you publish any materials on the Website, you agree to not publish misleading or defamatory or obscene or offensive or copyrighted or trademarked content.
  • Your account can be suspended and your data deleted any time for any reason.
  • You agree that all the Content you create through the Website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license. You give bezoder.com exclusive rights to host the Content. If you no longer want want your Content to be hosted on to bezoder.com you can delete it by means of the Website.
We are working to let our users apply other license types to the content they generate.

Last updated: 3 May 2020

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