Privacy policy

This website is collecting information from its users. This text is using the term the website to refer to if not stated otherwise. To further explain how the information provided by users is handled and stored by the website we divide the information into several categories:

  • Contact information includes email, username, first and last names
  • User-generated content
  • Information related to the usage of our services

Contact information is used to identify an individual and provide access to previously generated by the individual data. The email address is used to send emails to verify that the user is not a robot as well as to recover the login credentials to the website. Ocasionally the email might be used to send important updates, related to the website. The user should also provide a password, so the system can identify the user during future sessions. Our system will also generate the website username for each user based on the username of the provided by the user email. If the user created content on the website, the autogenerated username will be displayed near the content. Optionally, the user may provide first and last names. If the names are provided they might be displayed near the content, generated by the user. Content information as well as the password of the user are stored in the database of the website.

User-generated content The website provides tools to its users so they can generate content. The generated contet is stored in the database of the website. The content is available for other website users to view and explore. The user may delete generated by him/her content by means of the website. The website can delete the user-generated content from its database with or without any particular reason.

Information related to the usage of our services includes data, that is used to provide relevant information to users. The information includes link to google drive file with raw genetic data, identification information on other websites as well as information that the user provided to facilitate the usage of the website. If the user provided the link to google drive file with raw genetic data, the website will try to download the file and read it. The file might be temporary stored on the website. If the user deletes the provided link to google drive file with raw genetic data, the file is immediatly removed from the website in case it was previously downloaded. The information from the file might be stored in the website databse. Identification information on other websites is used to retrieve data and provide relevant information to the user.

Cookie policy

The Website collects cookies to improve user experience with the Website.

Who has access to the information of users

The website does not sell or give away genetic raw data or contact information or user-generated content. However, several 3rd party services might have access to the information, that you provide on this website. They include:

  • Google - the website is using google cloud platform to provide its services, so all information on the website is available to Google as a service provider.
  • Disqus. Disqus is a service, used to manage comments on the website. Please refer to Disqus privacy policy to see how your data is collected and used by Disqus.

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