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This website is designed to create and explore "traits". A trait refers here to any characteristic, that can be determined by a person's genetic data.

Raw data from genetic tests contains a table with several columns. One of those columns can be thought of as an address in your genome. This address is given as a shorthand reference, by which you can exactly determine the position in the genome.

Take, for example, rs671. Given this shorthand, you can easily determine that it refers to an exact address on chromosome 12. Such shorthand is called single-nucleotide polymorphism or SNP for short.

Another important column(s) in your raw data file is usually named genotype or result or allele 1 and allele 2. We will call the column(s) result in future discussions. The column(s) represents what is found at the address of a specified SNP in your genome.

On the website you can create traits and specify trait outcomes for each possible result, found in raw data file.

This all might be very confusing, if you just plan to explore traits not create them, then you can go to section how to explore your data. For those interested the free udacity course, designed in collaboration with 23andme Tales from the genome is highly recommended.

Exploring traits

If you want to explore traits and see results, specific to your genetics, you first need to create an account on For this go to page and signup.

There are two ways how to add your genetics data. One way is to use If you uploaded your data to, you can specify your ID on When you login to your account you are redirected to a link of the form:{USER_ID} where {USER_ID} is an integer with your ID. Remember this integer and go to Upper right corner with your email->settings->"My DNA". Insert it into opensnpID field and click set data. That's it. Now you can view all traits on the website and your data from will be loaded automatically. This approach however has some disadvantages. If you upload data to, you make it available to everybody. Even now you can put some random integer say 4000 and explore traits of somebody with this ID on

If you want to keep your data private, there is another way to give the Website access to your data. First you need to upload your data to google drive, then get a shareable link to your data and past the link to "Link for raw data zip archive" in Upper right corner with your email->settings->"My DNA" section.

The website will download your raw data file and temporary store it in memory. The system will read and store only the results, required to display the trait outcomes. If you want to remove all the data from raw data file, stored on the website, remove the link in Upper right corner with your email->settings->"My DNA" section and click "set data".

Creating traits

To create new traits go to section and follow the suggested path creation path.

After creation you can edit traits any time, except for you can not change the initial SNP of the trat.

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