What is Bezoder?

Bezoder is a website, where you can decode your genetic raw data from 23andme, ancestryDNA and familytreedna.

All reports are created by the website community. You can create genetic reports yourself and use reports made by other people. The website's aim is to give the community of interested people the tools to create and explore their genetic traits, health, and other related things.

The slogan: decode your life

Who runs Bezoder?

My name is Mikhail Trunov. I am a materials scientist with a strong passion to biology and data science. I run this website as a hobby. If you want to get in touch with me, please write to mikhail.trunov@gmail.com.

What about data protection and safety?

I do care about your data a lot and try my best to keep it safe. This website is running Django and hugely relies on its built-in safety features. You can learn more technical information about Django's security on the official website. Moreover, the website is designed not to store all genetic data in its database. You upload data to google drive and provide a link to your data to the website. You can restrict access to raw data any time from your google drive account.

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